The Story so far…

Zoom Boogie is a musical project conceived by Taggio Castillo. It literally came out of his body. Jokes aside and to not further a parallelism between bodily secretions and art, it is key to know that in recent years he has been combining his strongest musical influences from past decades in the spirit of prolonging those tendencies beyond the time threshold established by the music industry. One could say it is a retrospective impulse. Yet even with these undoubted reflections from the past, he manages to include a mood and form of his own.

These influences include Psychedelic Furs, Fishbone, David Bowie, PIL, James Brown, The Selecter, The Pretenders, The Cult and Jimi Hendrix.)

At the moment the band is comprised of Gontran Dutoya on guitar, Tino Dutoya on drums, Marcel Tauber on guitar, a session bassist until a new bass playing member is found and Taggio Castillo as lead vocalist and song writer. There is one song in the first demo EP written by former bassist Eloi Martinez with the colaboration of Taggio Castillo. Near future compositional colaborations amongst band members are in the works.

The Zoom Boogie collective is now preparing to perform, spread its’ wings and blast its’ sound. Two more demo EPs in the Hypnosis series, will  be released between December 2022 and February 2023.

Join them in their crusade to abolish all motor sports and bring back bicycles by lending them your eyes and ears and hearts!