The Story so far…

Zoom Boogie is a musical project conceived by Taggio Castillo.
It literally came out of his body. Jokes aside and to not further a
parallelism between bodily secretions and art, it is key to know that
in recent years he has been combining his strongest musical influences
from past decades in the spirit of prolonging those tendencies beyond
the time threshold established by the music industry. One could say it
is a retrospective impulse. Yet even with these undoubted reflections
from the past, he manages to include a mood and form of his own.

In 2017 Zoom Boogie was founded when Taggio Castillo met Eloy
Bel Maarisi. Eloy had been fishing in Saharian waters, and Taggio had
been in the ice cream business in Antartica. Both having returned to
Spain, their home country, they coincidently wound up living in the same
provincial town.

Eloy being a bass player primarily and Taggio Castillo
writing and recording his own songs and wanting to only sing when
performing, it became apparent that two guitarists and a drummer would
be needed. This is when Eloy mentioned to Taggio the story of two
local brothers who although currently living separate lives, had been
born siamese. Their parents from Québec, told the story of
how one miraculous night when the brothers had been only three weeks
out of their mother’s womb, a nurse sang an obscure lullaby of unknown
providence to them and a few hours later the brothers’ carnal
connection was broken. So was their co-dependence. Taggio Castillo
encouraged Eloy to help him find these two brothers, Gontran
and Corentin, because he felt that the mysterious powers of music had
saved them and so they were destined to be melodic and rhythmic
practitioners of music magic. And so this band (Zoom Boogie) was

Later came the second guitarist, Marcel Tauber, who had been working as a
janitor at an ice skating rink in Senegal, and so the ensemble was
complete. The Zoom Boogie collective is now preparing to perform,
spread its’ wings and blast its’ sound. Join them in their crusade to
abolish all motor sports and bring back bicycles by lending them your
eyes and ears and hearts!